Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting started

Have you ever had a project that you think will take just a few days, that ends up taking a few months? Well we've recently experienced this as Esther, Sara and I began the process of setting up our new midwifery practice. Seemed simple enough initially. We all had solo practices, all we needed was an office, some furniture, a website and voila...good to go. How naive we were.
We found our beautiful new office in January. We are now at Ironwood, 5rd and Steveston Highway in Richmond. Great office. Lots of room, free parking! A bonus! That was easily settled by February. Move in April 1......did I say move? We started with 3 chairs, one old computer table, and a massage table. No phone, no fax, no computer, no other furniture! I called it the minimalist visit with clients. Very slowly, for some reason moms kept having babies while we were trying to move in, we finally got furniture in place, a phone, a fax, a computer and even a receptionist! We are now finally settling in, although I like to say still fung shwaying the place! We'd love for those of you that have worked with us in the past to drop by and see, and for those of you looking for a midwife, the time was never better to see us.
And the final piece in all of this brand new move......the website. Launched today. Still with a few tweaks, and pictures needed, but basically done. We hope you like it, and feel free to give us some ideas of what you'd like to see.
We hope to blog quite regularly. Talk about the practice, timely topics, or anything you would like to hear about from us. Even if you're not having a baby, hopefully we'll have something interesting for you to read and ponder.


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